Official VGN Rust Oxide Server

VGN Rust Game Server

VGN Rust Game Server

Official VGN Rust Server

Not only did VGN give Rust a 5 star review for its extremely Emergent Gameplay, Intensity, PVP Action plus more but we are now going to be setting up shop within the Rust Community for some time to come.  Some really cool Things are in the works right now.  Players do not have to wait to play on our official Servers though because The first Official VGN Rust Oxide Server is now listed in the community server browser and players can log in now and start building.


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Why play on our servers?  Because we give back, have some awesome stuff to offer our players and our Administrators are qualified non-abusive community leaders whose main goal is to make your gaming experience a happy and enjoyable one while promoting fair gameplay.

VGN Rust

We are looking for Server Administrators!

Check out the Official VGN Teamspeak:


Please, Gamble Responsibly