($25.00 PRIZEPOOL) Sunday Rainbow Six Singles Double Elimination

Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six

Weekly Rainbow Six Double Elimination $25 PRIZEPOOL

We will be hosting $25.00 Prizepool Rainbow Six Singles Double Elimination Tournament Every Sunday Starting June 30th @ 8:00 PM EST on Voobly!  If you are new to Rainbow Six and want to get involved in the action we have made a toolkit that will get your game setup and up to date 100%.  You can download the Rainbow Six Toolkit and get your game setup FREE by Clicking here!  If you are reading this post from any other site on our network you can simply login to www.vgnetwork.com with your normal login credentials and be all set to signup.  Its recommended if you want to play to join the rainbow six group chat and the community will help you get all setup.

TOURNAMENT SIGNUP LINK:  https://www.vgnetwork.com/tournamatch.php?file=tournaments-list

DOWNLOAD RAINBOW SIXhttps://www.vgnetwork.com/rainbow-six-toolkit-download/

RAINBOW SIX FACEBOOK CHAThttps://m.me/join/AbbBuvAiY-6kZOa8

VGN LIVE SUPPORThttps://www.devanon.com/help/chat.php

DOWNLOAD VOOBLYhttps://www.voobly.com/


  • This tournament is open to all VGN Players no matter what site you are from.  It does not cost anything to participate and you can download the game using the rainbow six toolkit we have linked above.
  • The Ladder/Ranking system is on www.vgnetwork.com .  You will need to login to vgnetwork.com with your VGN details and register for the tournament using the link above.
  • There is 24/7 Live Support if you have any questions or need help getting your game setup.
  • There are about 100 people in the Rainbow Six group chat which is linked above to help you get all setup if you are having any issues.
  • This tournament has a prize pool of 25.00 and we will be running it every weekend starting June 30th.
  • The Game is played and organised in the Gaming Lobby “Voobly”  You can download voobly above.


Please, Gamble Responsibly